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Aircraft purchase

It is not simple to choose and purchase a plane. It is required to take account of a multitude of important factors. The whole process from purchase of a business jet to its maintenance and operation is named as management of aircraft. A responsible and competent partner, a true professional, who has been for long and successfully in operation of aircraft management will help you take the right decision
Alcon Jet offers the following services to its clients and partners:

  • Consultation on aircraft ownership issues
  • Purchase of aircraft
  • Management of aircraft
  • Audit of aircraft
  • Optimization of aircraft operation program

Alcon Jet experts will help you to choose the aircraft that will correspond to your operational requirements and budget. In addition, we will help you to interact with the aircraft Manufacturer or Seller and can consult with you during the process of concluding the contract. During the aircraft purchase process it is important to take the following steps correctly:

  • Select the type of an aircraft.
  • Define the form of ownership and financing (purchase, leasing, fractional ownership, block-charter).
  • Select a particular plane and register ownership.
  • Pass the tax and customs process and register the plane.
  • Select the maintenance operator or create your own air unit (airline) for aircraft operation.
  • Define the strategy of the aircraft usage (corporate or under hire), including the possibility of its commercial exploitation during specific time periods.