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Today, the air cargo market is experiencing a serious shortage of production capacities. There was an unprecedented high demand for the transportation of humanitarian and medical goods multiplied by the technical impossibility of quickly converting passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft, which predictably led to a significant increase in prices. Since about mid-March, transport aircraft operators have steadily increased the cost of their... Подробнее
Since March 23rd, the Federal Air Transport Agency has limited flights with all countries due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. The epicenters of this pandemic are China, Iran, Italy, Spain, the USA and Germany. Many citizens of our country are still abroad and are not able to return to their homeland due to the suspension of international flights. On March 26th, our company organized the first evacuation charter flight. As of now, we... Подробнее
In April 2017, our company successfully passed the certification procedure of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) on the compliance of the international standard IS-BAO Stage I. This approval demonstrates that the system of managing private aircraft, adopted in the company comply with international standards. Monitoring of safety, qualification of staff, internal technology and procedures consistent with modern international... Подробнее