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Unijet. Cargo flights.

Today, the air cargo market is experiencing a serious shortage of production capacities.

There was an unprecedented high demand for the transportation of humanitarian and medical goods multiplied by the technical impossibility of quickly converting passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft, which predictably led to a significant increase in prices.

Since about mid-March, transport aircraft operators have steadily increased the cost of their services.

But there is good news.

Starting from April 7th, 2020, Russian airlines are allowed to carry goods in the cabin of passenger aircraft.

The corresponding permit was issued by the Federal Aviation Transport Agency of Russian Federation.

The Unijet company, offers its customers an affordable and convenient service for the transport of goods.

Our Russian and foreign partners allow us to provide prompt cargo transportation from almost any region of our planet.

If there is a need for air freight transportation, we will select the necessary aircraft for you, as well as help organize the logistics of the entire event from the moment the goods arrive at the departure airport until the receiving party receives it at the destination airport.