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Our main goal is to optimize your time, which means providing you with on-time service for any kind of land, sea and air transport, fast and qualified assistance in organizing business and tourist trips, and assistance in purchasing private jets, yachts and real estate in any country you’re interested in. We can also easily organize your leisure time, deliver flowers, help with the choice of staff - in other words we are able to do everything that could free up your schedule so you can dedicate more time to your family or business.


We prefer a personalized approach to each client in accordance with the highest standards of quality and, of course, confidentiality. Your personal assistant will do everything to satisfy your needs 24/7 in every corner of the planet.


We possess a very broad range of connections and resources worldwide, we have a wide knowledge of luxury recreation and family tourism and we are always ready to come up with help in any critical situation. No matter how complex the assigned task is - it will be accomplished. Quickly, professionally and confidentially!

In recent years helicopter rental has become remarkably popular. This is due to the fact that the helicopters have a number of undeniable advantages. As opposed to planes, helicopters do not require runways and there are no serious restrictions connected with flights, for example in urban areas.

Helicopters won’t get stuck in a traffic jam and don’t have a problem with obstacles like heights or woods. More and more often, this type of transport is chosen for flights out of the city for hunting or fishing. The popularity is also due to intense traffic in the suburbs or a desire to travel to a distant and desolate place that can be reached only by helicopter.

Helicopter is an ideal means of travel in short (in aviation terms) distances.

By ordering a helicopter from Alcon Jet you will get a unique form transport, for which the usage will be limited only by your imagination.